Former Goldman Sachs VP Jim Johnston Joins Greyledge Technologies as Chief of Corporate Development

Former Goldman Sachs VP Jim Johnston Joins Greyledge Technologies as Chief of Corporate Development

The Seasoned Executive has a Deep, Personal Connection to the Cell Therapeutics Biotech Company’s Mission and Profound Experience in Global Business Strategy and Funding.

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$GLTI #biotech–Former VP of Goldman Sachs Jim Johnston is the newest member to join the board of Greyledge Technologies, Inc. (“Greyledge” or “the Company”). He has extensive experience in investment banking and early-stage private funding, which he will apply as Chief of Corporate Development.

“It is an honor to welcome Mr. Johnston to the Greyledge Executive team,” says Dr. David Karli, Greyledge CEO and Founder. “His history of serial success and diverse experiences will be an essential asset in our ongoing growth and development efforts to advance our mission of optimizing cell therapeutics derived from a patient’s own body.”

For Mr. Johnston, the decision to join the Greyledge team at this important inflection point in the company’s growth was also inspired by personal reasons. As someone who had stem cell and PRP therapy themselves, he says, “I’m walking proof that it works when done correctly and will help drive great advances in how patients are treated going forward.”

Mr. Johnston’s profound belief in the company’s goal to help provide more efficacious and personalized options for autologous treatments will prove pivotal at this point of the company’s growth. “I’m proud to be a part of the Greyledge team and believe my background and experience mesh well with the founders’,” Johnston says, “and that together we will continue to build upon the great foundation that already exists.” He will put all his experience and strategic energies towards improving people’s ability to live more active and productive lives through cell therapeutics that stem from the patient’s own body. He will shape the company’s overarching strategy, including global business and corporate development as well as investments, acquisitions, and more.

Prior to joining the biotech company, the Harvard Business School graduate Johnston served as managing partner for Emerald Lake Advisors, functioned as Managing Partner at Next Level Capital, and shaped the future of Goldman Sachs as Vice President.

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About Greyledge, Inc.

Founded in 2010 in Colorado, Greyledge is an industry-leading biotech company specializing in cell therapeutics produced from a patient’s own blood or bone marrow tissue. Greyledge has developed industry-leading quality control systems to process these biologic therapy products, used in treating common Orthopedic conditions. The Company is dedicated to maximizing product quality, safety, and reliability in a manner compliant with Federal regulations and ethical standards. The Company has refined its scientific technology, and since 2017, has been driven to achieve sustained profitability and scalability.

Its novel approach to measuring, quantifying, and researching precise measurements of complex cell populations in its products will allow the company to rapidly advance scientific understanding and product optimization by combining and studying detailed product analytics with patient-reported outcomes data. Greyledge is headquartered in Denver, CO, and operates services in four strategic states, including Texas, Michigan, and Georgia. Greyledge currently operates ten proprietary cell processing facilities. Its clients include private Orthopedic practices, hospitals, academic institutions, surgical centers, and physician networks.

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